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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will the Traks fit my vehicle?

The Trak-pak front bumper mount fits Jeep( TJ 96-06, YJ 87-95, and CJ 76-86). Sometimes the D-ring mounts can be welded on to your existing bumper, or vehicles with a reece hitch can use the fold-down reece hitch mount.

How heavy are the traks ?

Each trak weighs about 25 lbs

Will the Traks fit my tires?

They work best with 8”-12” wide mud tires.

What size pins do they use?

5/8” hitch pins.

Which Bumbper Bracket should I use for my Jeep?

The Flush Mounted Bumper bracket works with 86-06. The Lifted Bumper Bracket works with body lifts, and provides winch cable clearence

What size are the traks?

width-20” length-63” height-5” (2 traks together height-8”)

How much weight will the Traks hold in the bridge position? ?

The Traks are for vehicles less than 4000 lbs (not to exceed 1000 lbs per trak)

Do you have sizes to fit my atv/utv?

Coming soon, Call Now! for Details 747-300-TRAK

What colors are available?

Currently Natural aluminum is available

Do you have Traks and front bumper bracket for Jeep JK or other vehicles?

Coming soon call Now! for details 747-300-TRAK

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